Hi there
I’m Alysia Gadson, 38 year old woman, originally from Sydney, Australia. I’m a health and fitness educator, blogger and presenter. Four years ago I co-founded a non-profit called LiveFit Revolution. It’s a free-of-charge national program that addresses America’s obesity epidemic. I know what it feels like to be miserable in my body, and I wanted to help other women make the journey to being healthy and happy too.

I’ve built my career around my passion for empowering women to eat well, be active, and share it with their families so we can build a healthier America. I lead by example, and walk my talk every day. I don’t believe we all need to be a size 2. “Healthy” can be a range of shapes and sizes. And we don’t need to eat salad all day every day, either. Making good choices most of the time gives us bodies that we feel great living in.

We all deserve to feel great :)

Twelve years ago, I drank, smoked, ate badly and battled with my weight. When I moved from Australia here to the United States, I completely changed my life.

I quit smoking and drinking, and gained 40 pounds. Then I started working behind the front desk at a gym, and got interested in fitness for the first time in my life.

I started running, and changed my diet. I learned to cook real, whole foods. I lost weight and started working out. Eventually I became a personal trainer, and discovered that I love Kettlebells. They make women strong and sexy and help up burn fat fast! They’re extremely efficient, so they’re perfect for both career women and busy moms.

Now I have a personal training business, and I manage my non-profit. LiveFit really is 100% free-of-charge, no catch. In four years, I’ve never taken a paycheck. I teach on-camera workouts with real people (no fitness models) getting real results. Those workouts are uploaded to our site, unedited, so that our members can follow along from home. The program is structured, outlining exactly what to do each week. Most of our members are women 20-55 years old who start with 50 or more pounds to lose.

We also have a cooking show, educational blogs, and an amazing social-media style website to support our members in their quest to change their lives. So far over 9,000 people have signed up with us. I’m working hard every day to reach thousands more.