LiveFit Revolution is a national non-profit that provides a complete exercise and nutrition program 100% for free. No catch. We don’t sell anything or charge for our program…our mission is to combat obesity by helping people reach their health goals, free of charge.

We film workouts with real people (no fitness models) getting real results. Those workouts are uploaded to our site, unedited, that that our members can follow along from home. The program is structured, outlining exactly what to do each week. We have over 9,000 on the program getting life-changing results. Most of our members are women between the ages of 20-55 who have 50 or more pounds to lose. Anyone can join by registering at

All of our workouts are done with kettlebells and designed for people with zero kettlebell experience.

In addition to the workouts, we provide a doctor-approved nutrition plan with real foods you can buy at your local supermarket, personalized coaching, a community of support, and tons of video and written content to answer questions and help keep people motivated….again, all for free. It is a great resource for people who are fed-up with quick-fix gimmicks and looking to get lasting results.